USAF performance for the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

There Are No Words – 15th Anniversary of 9/11

This Video was published on Sep 8, 2016

Song- “There Are No Words”

This magnificent performance is dedicated to those who not only lost their lives on 9-11-2001, but those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom ever since. The United States Air Force Band’s Celtic Aire presents a song by Kitty Donohoe. This beautiful video shares the experience of a couple explaining the events of 9/11 to their children, during visits to all three memorials. The memorials are Flight 93 Memorial, National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, and National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

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On the 15 Year Anniversary of 9/11 and We Have the Most Anti-American President Ever

It has been 15 years since the vicious 9/11 attack and we have a Marxist President who will not even mention Radical Islam. However he embraces them, he funds these vile Muslim Terrorists from Iran to Saudi Arabia and beyond. Democrat voters have blood on their hands!

Yes this President Soetoro (did he change his name back to Obama?) is a sick little man who verbally abuses his supporters. He is always on some sort of apology tour and then slams you Americans, calling you Lazy? Yet Little barry never speaks ill of the Islamo Nazis, but you Legal Americans, especially you White Folks, are always being abused by this Community Organizer.

So 15 years goes by and WE should be much more aware of these animals (Islamo Nazis) who want us dead. Those Neanderthals will strap bombs to their small children as long as they can blow up a few Jews and Christians. The atheists might think they will get a pass from these scumbags but they are Infidels just like a Christian, Jewish person or Catholic so the Islamo-Nazis say “Off with their Heads”!

So in regards to 9/11/2001, We Will Never Forget! In regards to ignorant Voters electing B. Hussein Obama twice, We Will Never Forget!

Yes, the Democrat voters have Blood on their hands!


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Ben Shapiro The People vs Barack Obama The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration

The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration

The Title above is the Book from New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro. Shapiro, a real Conservative, presents a comprehensive case against Barack Hussein Obama’s abuses of power during his time in office.

Not long ago this author Ben Shapiro gave us the compelling “Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans”. His book was spot-on in depicting the poisonous political climate the left-wing in this country has created over the past several years. Not many People will still stand with their principles as so many Republicans have folded and now go along with Democrats, Code Pink extremists and other Left Wingers.

We see that the Obama Regime from the DOJ to the NSA, from the EPA to the Department of Health and Human Services, has become a labyrinth of corruption and overreach touching every aspect of Americans’ lives. The People vs. Barack Obama strips away the soft media picture of the Obama administration to reveal a regime motivated by pure, unbridled power and details how each scandal has led to dozens of instances of as-yet-unprosecuted counts of espionage, involuntary manslaughter, violation of internal revenue laws, bribery, and obstruction of justice.

This story of the Obama Regime is a story of abuse, corruption, and venality on the broadest scale ever to spring from the office of the presidency. President Obama may be the culmination of a century of government growth—but more important, he is the apotheosis of the imperial presidency. Obama chooses when to enforce immigration laws, delays his own Obamacare proposals when it is politically convenient to do so, micromanages the economy, attacks the Supreme Court, Congress, and the sovereign states. And he proclaims that he alone is the voice of the people while encroaching on their rights. In The People vs. Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro brings Obama into the people’s court and addresses each of his abuses of power.

It may be a longer Video above however Ben Shapiro does not disappoint.

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The AR-15 is Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

We saw after the attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida that Hillary Clinton looked past the obvious enemy. That enemy is radical Islamic terror and instead she said “weapons of war have no place on our streets” and that we need to ban AR-15s immediately. AR-15s are fine to protect vile Hillary and her family. They’ve been protected by armed guards who use them for three decades. However the average Americans who watch the news and feel the genuine fear for their safety, and their families’ safety are supposed to be left unarmed. Hillary Clinton wants to deny the Legal American Citizens the level of protection which she insists upon herself.


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The National Debt is America’s Greatest Security Threat

To All Veterans and all Patriotic Americans,

It is time for America to reduce our debt and pay down our deficit. This horrendous debt will have an impact on national security for future generations as they will inherit this irresponsible debt.

This President Obama must recognize that he is to blame for massive deficits, and soaring debt. The Congress has not held the President’s feet to the fire stop these entitlement programs as they pose a grave economic threat to all of us.

We must remember that there is not a Country in history which has maintained its military power as it failed to keep its fiscal house in order.

This information below is from Dan Caldwell, Concerned Veterans for America.

Since its founding, Concerned Veterans for America’s mission has been to advocate for policies that will preserve the freedom and prosperity that we and our families proudly fought for while in uniform. Unfortunately, that freedom and prosperity that so many have sacrificed for is coming under an increased threat from a faceless enemy here at home: our country’s $19 trillion national debt.

Our national debt – which continues to grow every day at unsustainable rates – threatens our economy by shaking investor confidence in the United States and risking higher interest rates and levels of inflation. In addition, it threatens our ability to provide for a strong national defense by putting further strain on the federal budget and inhibiting our economy, which has always enabled the United States to have a technologically advanced and well-trained military.

It is for these reasons that prominent military leaders like former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen and General James Mattis consider our national debt one of our greatest long term national security threats.

This is why CVA is launching Target the Debt – a campaign that is designed to raise awareness of the threat of our national debt and to encourage Washington to take serious and meaningful action to put our country back on a sound fiscal path. Since 2009, our national debt has grown by 81 percent, yet President Obama and elected leaders in both parties in Congress have not enacted a realistic plan to simply bring our budget back into balance and to start paying down our national debt.

The prosperity that veterans fought for is slipping away through increasingly high levels of debt and spending. Veterans fought to maintain American prosperity and national security – not to see them run into the ground by politicians’ financial mismanagement. Join us in this fight today by visiting and taking action to fight this grave threat to the future of our country.

For Freedom,

Dan Caldwell
Vice President, Political and Legislative Action
Concerned Veterans for America

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Profiling is unfair.

What nerve on the part of our Police and other law enforcement agencies to use the unfair tool of profiling to catch criminals, illegal aliens, rapists, terrorists and other assorted decent people who are only trying to take advantage of us, steal from us, do bodily harm to us or even, to kill us.

If you think about it, profiling is unfair to tall, medium and short thieves.  It is equally unfair to people of color, ranging from off-white to light tan to tawny yellow, to graphite black to ruddy pink.  These people can’t help the color of their skin and it is grossly unfair to use their pigmentation to aid in their apprehension for the crimes they commit. To identify them by height, shape or skin color is to give law enforcement an unfair advantage.  Where is our sense of ‘fairness’ when it comes to protecting them from us?

Profiling is categorically unfair to vicious, blood-thirsty, Islamist terrorists whose only crimes are cutting off hands, feet and heads.  After all, that’s what they do.  It’s what they live for.  So, just because these folks have swarthy complexions and full beards, cover their heads and faces with Muslim scarves, and randomly stab innocent civilians is no reason to brand them as perpetrators of ‘Hate’ crimes. Do you have any idea how that affects their psyches?  Don’t you care about your fellow human beings?  Is this any way to treat illegal aliens from Central and South America, Mexico and the Middle East?  Whether or not they were born in the United States or they were radicalized by Facebook, these murderers have feelings too, y’know.  Let’s try to return their vicious violence with a little compassion.

If we, as a nation represented by a weak, cowardly, anti-Semitic, anti-American President who has sworn to uphold the Constitution but has done precisely the opposite for 7.5 years, championing and enabling the evil ideology and practitioners of Islam’s Shariah – vote into the presidency an even more un-American entity, the ultra-corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Democrat enablers – we’ll have only ourselves to blame for the horrific consequences beginning with the immediate loss of all our freedoms.

          MORT KUFF  © 7-1-2016

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MORT’s meanderings

     This one hurt.

This morning, while facing the simple task of deleting a name and an e-address from my Contact List, I found it a far more painful chore than I was prepared for; the name was, Danita Kilcullen.

How does one say goodbye to a dear, dear friend while still fighting the  reality of the cold fact that she is gone from our life?  Since her Lord took her back home just a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been considering how to delete her name and e-mail from my list or even, whether to do it or not. I’ve had brief thoughts of leaving the name but highlighting it, somehow. I’ve pondered how to ‘keep her’ while letting her go. Both sad and silly at the same time. As I said, ‘This one hurt’.

Over the years and in dozens of venues, I’ve taken literally, thousands of photos of Danita, in all circumstances, under all conditions, in good times and in some not-so-good times.  In happy moods, in joyous moments, in tender moments, in deadly serious moments and in all the entire gamut of emotional settings in between.  My digital photo file holds the visual history of TPFTL (Tea Party Ft. Lauderdale) founded and run by Danita Kilcullen and Jack Gillies from the moment of its inception in February 2009 right up until the last meeting Danita conducted at Umberto’s on January 9, 2016, when she showed up wearing a back brace. She never gave any indication of the actual pain she was enduring while she was guiding the events at that meeting.

As I moved around the room, shooting my usual photo coverage of this event, I had no inkling that these would be the last photos I’d ever take of my dear friend, Danita.

If I were asked about a particular TPFTL event during the years that I shot all those photos, I wouldn’t need to refer to my photo files – it’s a good bet that I could describe almost every image I ever took of Danita.  Anytime I focused my viewfinder on this lady, my camera was happy and so was I.

        MORT KUFF  © 6-27-2016

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