Ben Shapiro Destroys The BLM Movement

A Real Conservative, Ben Shapiro takes on the Baltimore Riots, Income Inequality, Racism and The BLM Movement. The BLM or as Allen West called it Black LIES Matter, should be classified as a terrorist group.

Some People say these discussions (it really was Ben Shapiro giving a Verbal Beatdown) do not help. Well One young Lady even stated something to the effect that she was duped by the Black Lives Matter group. She said this actually made her think things through and Ben Shapiro makes more sense about all of this social justice mess than anything the BLM or random armchair social justice warriors say.

While speaking of the Baltimore riots,One statement from Ben Shapiro was, “I’m offended by the language of uprising applied to people who are breaking into other black people’s stores and looting them. This is a lack of values. People who are destroying private property, destroying cop cars, in an uprising against what exactly? Against a black police chief, against a mostly minority police force, against the black mayor, against the black president, against the black attorney general? Against a city council that is 9 of 15 black and all 15 are elected Democrats? What is the uprising against? What is it seeking to achieve?”

He concluded by saying the idea that the more outraged and angry you are the more justified you must be in your riotous destruction is absolute nonsense.

In response to the moderator posing the question, “How can you argue that racism is not a driving factor in income inequality,” Shapiro, to the head-shaking and arm-flailing of his fellow panelists, fired back, “Because it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture.”

“Explain to me why black kids aren’t graduating high school,” Shapiro continued. “Explain to me why black kids are shooting each other at significantly higher rates than whites are shooting each other. Explain to me why 13 percent of the population is responsible for 50 percent of the murder. Explain to me why the number of black kids in prison is so high. Explain to me, if it has nothing to do with culture, why the single-motherhood rate in the black community jumped from 20 percent to 70 percent in the same course of time that the civil rights movement has made such tremendous strides. Is America more racist now than it was in 1960? And if it is please explain to me how that happened.”

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