BIDEN & Company: On the town

Good ‘ol, everyday kinda guy, VP Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife and a few dozen Secret Service folks and some other worker bees – recently spent two overnights in London and Paris, on Official business – of course, of course.

According to a report I just read, the hotel bill for the 100 rooms in Paris totaled, $585,000.50. Pretty exact. Knowing good ‘ol generous Joe, I expect the 50 cents was the tip he left for the Maitre d’.

The London overnight set us back a mere $459.388.65, for the 136 rooms occupied by ‘essential’ personnel. Again, the 65 cents must have gone for well-deserved tips.

While no one expects good ‘ol, everyday kinda guy, VP Joe Biden to stay at Motel 6, staying at 5-star hotels and enjoying the best they have to offer, can run up the tab just a tad.

However, I like to look at things realistically. And so, I figure that anytime we can get Joe Biden out of the country for two days, it’s worth $1 million in tax-payer dollars.

MORT KUFF © 3-23-2013

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