Despicable Hillary Clinton

On Sept. 14, 2001, Hillary Clinton, New York’s junior senator, visited Ground Zero. You might not have read it in the New York Times, but many of New York’s finest, the police officers and firemen, refused to shake her hand. These heroes see things much more clearly than the average America who still does not know the real Hillary.

On Oct. 20, 2002 she was literally booed off the stage at Paul McCartney’s benefit Concert for New York. The boos were substantially edited out when the tape was sold to the public. That will be included in a future Hillary episode.

Fireman Mike Moran, who lost his brother and our FReeper friend, Battalion Commander John Moran, knows the real Hillary. “She doesn’t believe the things she says,” said Moran. “…I don’t think there has ever been a sincere word that has ever come out of her mouth.” The firemen know that all she cares about is a photo op to help her get back into the White House.

It would be common decency that a Senator from New York would attend the funerals of heroes who died on 9-11. There has been no such decency from Hillary. We can only find evidence that she attended one funeral — the burial of Father Mychal Judge, which was a media-saturated event. The other two events she attended were televised memorial events at Yankee Stadium and at Ground Zero. According to journalist Betty Harpaz, Hillary fears being booed by mourners. In contrast, Rudy Giuliani and Gov. George Pataka attended hundreds of funerals.

FOXNews attempted to learn from Hillary’s office how many funerals she had attended. Her office has refused to give a response. Senator Chuck Schumer’s office did respond. He attend 10 funeral services.

Anthony Gardener, who lost his brother Harvey in the World Trade Center and has become an advocate for the victims of the disaster, told FNC that he contacted Clinton’s New York office twice but got no response. “I invited her to come and be on our board of advisers to help us with the nonprofit support group that we created, WTC United Family Group,” Gardener told O’Reilly. “I never had any feedback from her office, not even an assistant to an assistant or anyone.”

Why would she fear being booed? Perhaps it is partly because of Hillary’s cozy past with the Black Panthers at Yale. Perhaps is it partly because of running cartoons in the Yale newspaper depicting officers as pigs. Perhaps it is the world’s smartest lawyer publicly declaring that the police were murderers in the tragic shooting of shooting of Amadou Diallou before they had a trial.

Her alliance with race-baiter Al Sharpton and public pronouncements actually inflamed racial tensions and helped encourage rioters in Brooklyn hurling bricks and urine-filled bottles at the police. After years of great work by the police and mayor Giuliani substantially cleaning up New York, there was a threat by the Justice Department for a federal takeover of the NYPD. Little notice by the mainstream media was given to the fact that shootings by New York City police officers were at a 30-year low.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsed George W. Bush for president on Sept. 8, 2000 after having endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. The change of heart, according FOP national president Gilbert G. Gallegos, was because of federal harassment and Justice Department lawsuits against police departments and the Clinton pardoning of FALN terrorists. That pardoning of 16 unrepentant Puerto Rican terrorists was clearly calculated to bring Hispanic votes to Hillary’s run for the senate.

Everything is a photo-op. Everything is always about Hillary. May Americans wake up in time.

Hillary Clinton ruined lives but “what does it matter”?

Juanita Broaddrick was likely not unique in being raped by Clinton either. In his book, “Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter’s Story,” Michael Isikoff relates how Clinton, then Arkansas governor, had sex with former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen.

“It was rough sex,” Isikoff writes, “Clinton got so carried away that he bit her lip, Gracen later told friends. But it was consensual.”

Isikoff missed the lip-biting connection. He also failed to acknowledge that at least one of Gracen’s friends, Judy Stokes, had told the Paula Jones legal team that the sex was not consensual at all.

“Do you believe Clinton raped her?” investigator Rick Lambert asked her. “Absolutely,” Stokes replied. “He forced her to have sex. What do you call that?”

Hillary Clinton ruined lives but “what does it matter”?

Watergate-era Judiciary chief of staff: Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior

Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.


“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Hillary Clinton ruined lives but “what does it matter”?

Billy Dale had worked in the White House travel office for three decades. He had served 7 presidents and one horse’s *ss (and we are not counting Jimmy Carter as the horse’s *ss). But Hillary Clinton wanted Dale and his associates gone. She wanted him gone very badly. Harry Thomason was owed a big favor for getting rape victim Elizabeth Ward Gracen out of the country on an acting gig during the 1992 campaign.

What had Dale done to Hillary? The answer is he had done nothing. Dale and six others were simply in the way of her plans.

Most Americans do not know that during the 1992 campaign, the Clintons used an Arkansas travel agency, World Wide Travel. They worked with a Clinton cousin, Catherine Cornelius. WWT provided a million dollars in deferred travel for the Clinton campaign, freeing up much needed cash for campaigning. Employees of the firm donated to the Clinton campaign.

It gets even better. The supposed investigation against Travel Office “accounting improprieties” was headed by…..are you ready…headed by none other than Cornelius herself just as she was planning with World Wide Travel for a reorganization that would put her in charge of the department. She gets a good job and Thomasson gets a hugely profitable business.

The Clintons had every right to simply dismiss Dale and the others and bring in their own people. Hillary, the brains behind the operation, not only had Dale fired, but also tried to send him to prison. Firing was not good enough. In May of 1993 the employees were given one hour’s notice to clean out their desks, and they were escorted away in a windowless van. The replacement was made without competitive bid.

Dale was very popular with the White House press corps. He knew them all and treated them very well. The firing and trumped-up charges against Dale became a public relations nightmare, so Hillary had to distance herself. Keeping in mind that the first instinct of the Clintons is always to lie, that is exactly what she did. She claimed that he had nothing to do with the firing.

The nightmare grew worse for Dale as the FBI was brought in and he was charged with embezzling money from the Travel Office. At one point, the cost of trial would have been so prohibitively expensive that Dale tried to do a plea bargain to just make it go away. Fortunately, the government did not accept a plea bargain. When it came to trial, Dale was acquitted by the jury in under 2 hours. What they did to him was in incredible injustice. Not surprisingly, as has happened to most of the Clinton enemies, the IRS also came after him.

There are, however, more twists and turns to this story that most of America has either forgotten or never knew. In December of 1993, a request was made by the White House for Dale’s FBI file. The reason for the request was to evaluate Dale for “access to the building.” What? He had been fired seven months earlier. The Clintons, of course, along with the rest of their criminal enterprise, blocked and misled investigators looking into the treatment of Dale.

While Hillary claimed not to be involved in the firing, the following information exists:

“periodic reports from Vince Foster that [the] First Lady had inquired about [the] Travel Office and why wasn’t action being taken_report was that they should be fired immediately and out of here by the end of the day.”
— Subpoenaed notes of David Watkins.

“went to Mac . . . Hillary wants these people fired . . . Mac wouldn’t do it … DW [David Watkins] didn’t want to do it.”
— Lorraine Voles, deputy Press Secretary, noted that she had heard Susan Thomases say.

“[Patsy] Thomason comes back in DW’s [office]_says he bumped into Hillary and she’s ready to fire them all that day.”
— Mr. Watkins’ contemporaneous handwritten notes detail a conversation that he had with Harry Thomason.

“Harry says his people can run things better; save money, etc. And besides we need those people out_we need our people in_We need the slots_ . . . Is the real story to be told?”
— David Watkins notes of a conversation with the First Lady on May 14, 1993.

Yes, Hillary was in this thing up to her eyeballs. It was abuse of power and an attempt to ruin the life of a civil servant. She was behind Travelgate just as she has been behind almost every abuse of power we witnessed for eight excruciatingly long years.

Vile Robert Ray, a lifelong Democrat, who succeeded Ken Starr, apparently thought that an indictment of Hillary for perjury would not be good on his resume as he planned to seek elective office. One more gutless prosecutor and Hillary remains free.

Hillary Clinton ruined lives but “what does it matter”?

For a Jailed Filmmaker, Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Lies Make a Difference

It might make a difference to a Coptic Christian whose trailer for a bad movie was blamed by the leader of the free world for a series of Al Qaeda attacks against American diplomatic facilities and who was sent to prison on the orders of members of the Marxist Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton ruined lives but “what does it matter”?


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