Dom Raso on How ISIS Could Get A Nuke Across Our Border

Yes, we have a President now who ran on protecting Legal Americans from Illegal Aliens. Yes President trump ran on building a Wall along our southern border. However it can’t be built overnight and we must be alert to other threats crossing our Border. The last President, little barry, gave much support and Funding to the Islamo-Nazis. Those Islamo-Nazis do want to do harm to America and the Southern Border gives them an opportunity.

The Video above is from NRATV with Dom Raso giving an excellent lesson which we should all pay attention to. Dom Raso is one of the Hosts from NRA News. Dom Raso is a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran, and was quoted as saying “there are not many things that can compare to serving your country and defending your freedom”.

Our unprotected southern border has created an opportunity for ISIS to work with the Mexican cartels to smuggle a nuclear device into America. Too many of our weak, PC politicians know this to be true, but won’t do anything about it. They shuddered at President Trump even saying the words radical Islamic terror during his Inauguration.

Episode Transcript

Right now, radical Islamic terrorists are almost certainly scouting out our shopping malls, schools, hotels, government buildings, office towers and infrastructure, calculating for mass chaos, panic and bloodshed.

The next attack on our soil could come in a matter of minutes.

I served as a SEAL for 12 years, and I saw this enemy face to face. Under no circumstances will they ever stop trying to kill us.

Our biggest mistake is underestimating them … telling ourselves that when they say their goal is our complete and utter annihilation, they don’t really mean it … or even if they do, they couldn’t pull it off.

I’m not worried about another 9/11. I’m worried about a nuclear device going off in Times Square.

While we are stuck focusing on the past like a weak, reactive society, they’re dreaming and planning for the future. And they’ll exploit every single weakness to cut our throats.

If we can’t come to grips with what this enemy is willing to do, and what it is capable of … if we refuse to even utter the words “radical Islamic terror” … then, through our own inaction, we are enabling the slaughter of innocent people.

Nowhere is this issue more apparent than at our southern border.

“I’m not worried about another 9/11. I’m worried about a nuclear device going off in Times Square.”
Dom Raso

It has been documented, time and time again, that people linked to terror organizations from the Middle East have crossed that unprotected line into the U.S.

Unprotected … because we want to show the world that we care.

I am afraid that our inability to think like our enemy will be our downfall.

I know for a fact that Mexican cartels exert more power and influence over many parts of the border than our own law enforcement and border patrol.

And if you don’t think ISIS knows this … and if you don’t believe that they are working to make a deal with the cartels to traffic their own foot soldiers and weapons into our country, you are not thinking like the enemy.

An article published in ISIS’ magazine, Dabiq, details a hypothetical scenario where ISIS uses its billions of dollars to acquire a nuke through corrupt Pakistani officials and pays the cartels to sneak it in through our own southern border into America.

CLIP: … of course, their intent is to do us the greatest amount of harm possible. … if a terrorist or almost anyone wants to get into our country, they just pay the fare … and if someone wants to come into this country with nuclear material … it’s a scary proposition when I think of this network. – Gen. John Kelly

If, God forbid, a massive attack is carried out on our soil by terrorists who gained entry by crossing that border, it will be because we decided to put the feelings and opinions of those politicians whose closest interaction with ISIS is watching the Paris attacks on CNN over the safety of the American people.

Listen, all these politicians care about is what their friends in the international community think of them … the same international community that has been utterly devastated by ISIS.

I don’t know what motivates politicians. But I know the rule of war, and it’s very simple: The weak get slaughtered … and we are at war.

Every warfighter knows that our open border could cost us thousands, or tens of thousands or even more lives.

The question is, will America listen?

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