Glenn Beck on Liberal Media Ignoring Obama’s Marxist Agenda

The Marxists keep taking this Video down as they try and re-write history. They just can’t face it that the Democrat Party is the Party of Slavery and the Party of the KKK.

Many proud Americans have fought and died for this Country. However the Mooch Elle Obama was never proud until America elected her Community Organizer so-called Husband. The Occupy Wall Street Groups, ACORN and other Anti-America Groups have pushed this Barry Soetoro into the White House.

Obama’s radical Marxist past is irrefutable but the Liberal Lame Stream Media conveniently ignore it has they help him destroy America from within. The only news the MSM will report is that White America is the problem. The corrupt MSM is to blame as much as Racist Rev. Wright.

Some Vile Clown Andrew Kirell at Mediaite put out an op-ed asking “Does President Obama’s New ‘Forward’ Slogan Prove He’s A Marxist?”.

As Glenn Beck said, he wouldn’t necessarily think that anyone who used that slogan would be a Marxist. However, when looking at the slogan next to all the other evidence of Obama’s Marxist background it seems to be just another piece to a bigger puzzle.

“If Mitt Romney had a slogan called forward, it wouldn’t mean anything. You know, we never thought lean forward was a Marxist slogan, never, because MSNBC,while they’ve got some real problems and progressive and they’re very left, they don’t have a long history, their whole life of being surrounded by communists and Marxists,” Glenn said.

“You’ve got a communist mom and a communist dad and a communist mentor and communist grandparents and then you go to school and you hang out with communists and then you become President and you appoint communists all-around you,” Glenn said. “I mean this sincerely. It would be almost impossible for Barack Obama to not be a Marxist.”

If Obama, who grew up surrounded by people who admired Marxism, really didn’t believe it, then Glenn believes that he would be vocally anti-Marxism. Glenn compared it to ex-smokers, who are usually the most vocal about the dangers of smoking and don’t like to be around people who are smoking.

This Video will show Obama’s Marxist Takeover of America –

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