Is there an equivilent term to describe a female “schmuck”

Defeating Hillary Clinton should have been a slam-dunk.
Unfortunately the dire condition of the state of the nation,
created a need for change that called for drastic measures
to replace the present administration, by doing a one-eighty.
We over shot the mark with Donald Trump, causing a lot of
problems, because he doesn’t play games; but he has to
know how the game is played in order to score.

His inexperience is in not knowing how dirty politics is.
We need his platform to change the country for the better.
The fault in his campaign is getting off message to defend
erroneous accusations instead of allocating his surrogates
to do the dirty work of clean up after him for his mistakes.
Hillary Clinton’s budget for cosmetics must be enormous,
to cover up her double faced deportment on how she is
handling explaining her ineptness and errors she claims to
be victories.

She has one way to talk to her wealthy friends and another
way for us regular people. She dupes Blacks and Hispanics
into how much she cares for them, but the record doesn’t
show any one thing she has done for them. She champions
women’s rights by soliciting and accepting donations from
countries with reputation for cruel and inhumane treatment
of women and gays that in many cases have fatal results.
To operate like a legitimate foundation, the Clinton slush
fund distributes some of its funds to worthy organizations
in order to avoid scrutinization. It worked when investigation
by the FBI was deterred.

WikiLeaks email releases show how underhanded and dirty
her hired surrogates have been operating and echoing her
tenets. Is there an equivalent term to describe a female schmuck?

Commentary from George Giftos

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