‘Islamophobia’ – Decrying The Lie

MORT’s Meanderings.

Floridians are being bombarded increasingly, with ‘outreach’ programs sponsored by
hate mongers parading as religious representatives of moderate, peace-loving Muslim

Their hue & cry is that these so-called moderate Muslims are woefully misunderstood.
Those who are crying, ‘Islamophobia’ and purport to be simply seeking to educate us
as to the niceties of the ‘religion of peace’, are quite the opposite of how they present
themselves. They are engaging in the practice of, ‘Taqiyya’, a tenet of Shariah as
defined in the Quran, that permits and even condones lying especially to non-Muslims, if
it protects Islam or deceives ‘infidels’ in the effort to advance Shariah compliance.

Frankly, I’ve had it ‘up to here’ with community outreach, community organizers,
community educators, community kumbaya-singers and community anything-else that
is nothing but Muslim/Islamist horseshit-in-disguise.

Wake up Floridians. The two-faced ‘educators’ wrapped in sheets are not Americans
who want to assimilate – they are blatantly ANTI-Semitic, ANTI-Americans who are
intentionally aiming to subdue, subordinate, subjugate and dominate freedom-loving
Americans. And then, it is their intent to establish a Shariah-compliant caliphate. Make
no mistake about this. You ignore what’s happening at your own peril and at the risk of
our nation’s survival. That is not an understatement. It is a cold, hard fact.

Are you willing to sit around, giving the so-called ‘religion of peace’ a chance to slather
you with phony guilt and then, either conquer you or cut off your head? Are you
really so blind, so naïve or so stupid that you can’t see or are unwilling to see what is
happening right down the street from you – right in your own neighborhood? What do
you think a Mosque-on-every-block is all about? Do you think the Imams are really
preaching peace and love of their fellow-man? Right!

Good ‘ol Reverend Wright, long-time mentor to Obama, and that most articulate
garbage-mouth Louis Farrakhan, stay busy spewing forth their hate-speech and racist
anti-white ideology. It is their clear intent, similar to the radical Islamists, to incite
chaos in the streets, employing their same tactics of choice – intimidation, threats and
ultimately but inevitably, indiscriminate violence against anyone who ‘isn’t just like us’.
Did I hear someone say, “Birds of a feather”?

I ask that you look beyond the end of your nose. Those who feign being offended and
who cry, ‘Islamophobia’ – are focusing their aim directly at those who are well-meaning,
peace-loving but clueless, innocent people. People who are vulnerable to being made to feel guilty by that charge. It is good-time, rock & roll propaganda baloney. You have
nothing to feel guilty about except, not paying attention to the stealthy encroachment
of the radical elements that dominate the followers of the Muslim religion. They are all
about imposing Islam-Shariah. That is not simply another religion like being Catholic or
Jewish. It is rather, a strictly-prescribed ‘way of life’ that cannot tolerate any opposing
way of life. It is truly, their way or the highway. And, they’ve been trying to impose
this ‘order’ on the rest of the world since the seventh century. Sadly, they are probably
closer to achieving their objective today, than at any time in the 1,300+ years they’ve
been working at imposing this cruelly, inhumane horror they refer to as a Caliphate.

What can be done to stop them? We can and should assertively reject their attempts
to propagandize us by their phony protestations of being ‘offended’. Offended, my
ass. WE are the ones who should be offended by their audacity in presuming that they
can ‘educate’ US. WE are the ones who should be offended at their colossal chutzpa in
presuming that we are all stupid push-overs.

We must educate ourselves in the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of
the United States. We must educate ourselves in the reality of ‘Shariah’ – and spread
the truth about who these radical Islamists really are and what they are all about. It
is up to us – each and every one of us who love Liberty, to stand up and reject the
encroachment of the Muslim miscreants as they try to insinuate their lunatic philosophy
into every aspect of American life.

We cannot and must not let them roll over us with their aggressive tactics of bribery,
intimidation and threats of violence. We must realize that they are sufficiently clever
in using the very freedoms granted us by the Constitution, to lull us into a state of
somnolence that will make it easy to pick us off in tiny, unnoticeable increments.

They are all wrong, all the time. There is no validity to their assertion. There is no
justification to their feigned offense. Do not give them an inch. Fight every attempt
to impose their ‘Shariah-compliance’ onto our justice system. Reject every claim of
prejudice, racism or injustice. We should be prejudiced against their intolerance. We
should be profiling these anti-Americans – whether they are U.S. citizens or illegal
aliens. We should be spotlighting their racism. We should be concerned with duly-
dispensed justice. That means justice as prescribed by the principles and laws we’ve
lived under since our Founding Fathers gave us The Constitution.

If our laws and our freedoms offend Muslims or Islamists, then I urge them to leave our
haven of freedom and go elsewhere, post haste. That means, like NOW!

Keep in mind this thought:  “AMERICA – LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT”.


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