This article is a response to the Sun Sentinel, in what has become just another Liberal Rag parading as a “Newspaper”.

In Sunday’s editorial page under Letters to the Editor, three out of the four letters
your board accepted for publication, maintained the air of “Jaundice Journalism”
the Sun Sentinel has turned into under your management.

One example implied that over 50 percent of Americans do not see our new president
to be legitimate or fit for the job, whereas the one letter maintaining an unbiased view
and intelligent evaluation, appears to be from a disappointed democrat with common sense.

That makes the 50 pct. statement a lie, because not every one who voted for Hillary see it
that way. Accepting lies for publication is going to be scrutinized by the incoming administration and revealed to the unsuspecting public.


With his last press conference and last breath as POTUS, Barack
Obama again stated how he worked on making voting easier and
more convenient for everyone by implementation and proposals.

Among them is registration to vote when applying for a driver’s
license, even though many states issue undocumented intruders
licenses. On line registration and voting, and write in voting with
no means of reliable identification. Deeming photo ID requirement
a burden at the polls, allowing early voting and extending days to
vote beyond the first Tuesday in November. These alterations
leaves the process open to fraud.

Over 200 years of tradition and Constitution doesn’t cut it anymore
for proponents of voter change.

Absents of convenience will not deter the serious, responsible and
legal person who will vote under any circumstance; but the democrat
contingency, that includes unqualified members, wants the government
to pass out lollypops in order for them to get out and vote.
A shock wave went through their ranks when they learned lollypops
never worked to improve their lot and get them out of the abyss of
perpetual poverty, discovering there was an alternative offer by the
opposing party, promising to give them a hand up, by showing them
how to get out of the hole by themselves.

The outgoing administration drew in the needy and limited informed,
on the premise of hope and change, by making it easier for them to
vote. Delivering only half the slogan of change and failing to replace
despair with hope, transferring some of it to the middle class.
There’s a new sheriff in town and now the derelict public servants are
left with a huge inventory of lollypops that they will be unable to convert
into other dubious schemes for personal power.

Half of those opposed to them were depicted as belonging in a basket of
deplorables, but obviously, some of these self promoting critics are
pathetic for shamefully boycotting the inauguration and disrespecting
the office of the presidency.

Not since the Civil War has the nation been so divided. The vitriol displayed
by so many claiming to love our country, cannot hide wanting to keep the
country divided to promote their lollypop agendas and personal interests,
unless unification is accepted only by their terms.

Commentary from George Giftos

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