Marco Rubio Speech at CPAC 2012

This Video is on the speech by Marco Rubio at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in 2012. Marco Rubio has given some spectacular speeches and this is one of his best. Marco Rubio called this speech “Is America Still An Exceptional Nation?”. Conservatism is alive and well! We should listen and stop tip toeing around the spineless self-loathing Liberals.

“The most powerful thing about our nation is the American example,” Rubio said. “Anywhere you go in the world people know that there is a person just like them living here doing things they cannot. They realize it doesn’t have to be the way it is for them. Do you know why people sacrifice their lives and struggle to access democracy across the world? Because they’ve seen what can happen here.”

Rubio reminded the audience that America doesn’t have to be the exception; it can easily follow the pattern Europe has set for it and other once-dominant regions of the world have set. But the consequences won’t be pleasant for the U.S. — or the rest of the world.

“What happens if we decide we don’t want to be the greatest country in the world?” Rubio asked. “Someone else will fill that space. Right now, the only nations that could even try to do it are nations that don’t believe what we do. … Do you know why they cannot vote to condemn Syria? Because they reserve the right to do to their own people what Syria has done to its people if their governments are threatened.”

The conservative movement, at its core, wants to preserve America’s greatness for future generations, Rubio said. Tax and regulatory reform, energy exploration, entitlement reform — conservative policy prescriptions all aim to ensure that people have the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams and, in the process, create prosperity for the nation.

“You have to be strong economically; you have to be strong militarily,” Rubio said. “But you know what else has to be strong? Your people have to be strong.”

We must Reclaim America!

“Try to fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… But not prove they are a citizen.”

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