Mark Levin asks Where Was Obama During The Benghazi Attack?

Mark Levin breaks down the facts on Benghazi. Yes, Barry Obama is a coward and so is this vile Hillary Clinton. These two lowlifes just think they can toss away the lives of Americans, especially two former Navy Seals. No they can’t! We must keep Congress and others to stay on this case until Obama and Hillary are gone and living in Chicago, Kenya or wherever they can go to spread their racism and hate for America.

Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are heroes and we must fight for them. While these Heroes were calling for help, Barry Soetoro Obama was playing Video games or playing with his man Servant. The next day Hillary Clinton started her lies about that the Video caused the attack on 9/11. That next day, Barry Obama just went to Las Vegas (he tells us not to go to Vegas anymore but he is a Marxist so he can go) and Barry hung out with his racist friends.

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