Mark Levin Blasts Weak Mitch McConnell for comments on Trump

Mark Levin: Mitch McConnell speaks about Trump’s “excessive expectations” regarding legislation!

RINO Mitch McConnell was speaking at a Rotary Club meeting in Kentucky and he had the audacity to whine and complain about President Trump’s expectations. At least the President has expectations as McConnell has been on the “go along to get along” with the obama Regime for years.

McConnell said that President Donald Trump has “excessive expectations” about what the Senate can accomplish and that it is “extremely irritating” that there is an impression Congress hasn’t gotten anything done under his watch.

Well the Video above has the Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin crushing McConnell’s failed leadership.
Levin wastes no time in going after weak kneed McConnell.

Also remember Texas Senator Ted Cruz set the table for Republicans to DITCH MITCH awhile ago. Cruz put it all on the line and told the truth about how McConnell was a disaster. Yet the RINOs (mccain, hatch etc) attacked Cruz and jump on board with the McConnell the Closeted Democrat.

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