Michael Komlo of West Palm Auto Group LLC Scams a Veteran

The set-up of the Veteran started as Mike Komlo (aka Michael Komlo) stated that Komlo, the owner of West Palm Auto Group LLC had plenty of assets. The collateral was allegedly over $1,200,000 of car loans owed to Komlo. The so-called assets were car loans with West Palm Auto Group as the lien holder. Also Komlo showed all the cars at 2720 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 as assets. Instead of helping a Vet, this flimflam man, Komlo would end up pulling a fast one on the Veteran. Komlo tried to represent himself as a Patriotic American as he pulled in this Veteran for the con.

Mike Komlo stated that he wanted to expand and open another used car lot. Slimy Komlo said he would get the Veteran to buy some of these used car loans at a discount. Then Komlo would sell the car loans to pay back the Veteran with a profit. That is which ended up as the crooked deal. Komlo was starting the set-up for this con game. Allegedly the Victim would be into the car loan investment for a discount, a much lower price of what the car loan balance was.

Komlo’s con started as he stated the victim would make from an average of 49% to 200% on his money. The truth is that until the Veteran got all of his money back, there was ZERO profit. Realistically, a profit of 15% to 19% would have sufficed however Komlo intended to bankrupt the Veteran.

The Victim was supposed to be protected as his Company would be the lien holder on numerous automobile titles. The scam started immediately as Komlo sold the Veteran a large number of loans which quickly needed to be repossessed. Komlo had the victim turn over the car titles so West Palm Auto Group could repo the cars with bad loans. Komlo stated he would replace the titles with ones which were good, being paid on time. It never happened, as the lies just snowballed with Komlo running around spending the money of the victim.

Komlo tried to present himself as having a background in financing automobiles and stated he was not a used car salesman. The heartbreaking reality was that Komlo also collected the money for the car loans until the loans were sold to large Finance Companies. That money from the car loan payments should have went directly to the Victim.
Exposing the lies, scams and cheating by Komlo were easy to pinpoint. Komlo owed just over $61,000 when he decided his scam worked and he was getting ready to bail. Komlo would take the money from the Victim and use it to pay for his extravagant lifestyle.

Komlo took most of the money and had all of his teeth redone which cost about $40,000. Komlo then used the Veterans’ money to take numerous vacations, make payments on a Cadillac Escalade and a BMW. This con artist took his kids to water parks all over Florida. He then took his Family as well as he stated an underage boy from the neighborhood, to Ohio.

When he got back from that Ohio trip he had used up all the money from the Veteran so he sold all the cars from his West Palm Auto Group LLC lot. Komlo had already lined up a job at a South Florida Car Dealership. Yes the scammers, con artists and crooks usually end up in South Florida.

The Victim was able to get a Judgment (see details below) against West Palm Auto Group LLC after paying attorney fees and court costs. Komlo’s company, West Palm Auto Group LLC still owes over $60,000 as it has been over one year. The Palm Beach County records will reflect the judgment on West Palm Auto Group LLC and Michael Komlo.

The con man currently resides in the Wellington Florida area with the Palm Beach County Zip Code of 33449. It appears this Fraud lives in a home that is over 6000 square feet.

We will update this sad story when we more details on this Michael Komlo character emerge. Brave men and women who have volunteered and served in the American Armed Forces should be appreciated. They should not have to worry about these types of con artists.

Date/Time: 3/2/2015 13:14:53
CFN: 20150073767
Book/Page: 27370/397

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15 Responses to Michael Komlo of West Palm Auto Group LLC Scams a Veteran

  1. Ted says:

    This Komlo is a lowlife!

  2. Seri says:

    Mike Komlo should pay back the Veteran that he ripped off. All the money he makes from those car loans could pay off the debt. This might be the Komlo from Kent State so if that is the case he would despise our Military personnel. Check on that.

  3. Florida Crime says:

    The Mike Komlo Family should be ashamed of themselves for stealing from poor people. The accurate description is that Komlos are the con man and con woman that we all need to watch for especially in West Palm Beach, Florida. They may stay in Wellington, Florida but they are typical criminals.

  4. KentRamsey says:

    This Michael Komlo and Family’s action are self-serving so they live high on the hog. Their activities like theft, scams and cons are very destructive to the financially deprived. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves Ed, Edward, Mike, Michael or Brooke, they show that they have zero moral standards. West Palm Beach and Wellington Florida does not need any more crooks!

  5. Aharon M. says:

    He should check on Jennifer Komlo too. She and Michael Edward Komlo appear to be the main benefactors of the crimes. Looks like they are Ohio based and now they are spreading their scams in Florida.

  6. eddie says:

    Jennifer Knable Komlo could be involved in scams?

  7. Edward M. says:

    Mike Komlo is trash! A real scumbag as he still rips people off.

  8. Cronin says:

    When we should be thanking our Vets, there are scum like the mike komlos who have bilked Veterans of their money. Why is mike komlo not in jail yet?

  9. Siena says:

    Let’s hope other Vets don’t fall victim to this crooked dealer, Michael Komlo. He is probably cohorts with the John Goodman from the DUI manslaughter case in Wellington, FL.

  10. #Florida #Crime says:

    It is in the DNA of many of the Democrat Party leaders today for them to have a total disdain for our United States Military and Veterans. So the culture and many in America pick up on that and we have crooks like Mike Komlo and family attack Veterans.

  11. Ed for Vets says:

    Following Obama’s Lead, Michael Komlo disrespects Vets. Mike Komlo is the lowest of the low.

  12. Mr. Kragen says:

    If looking for Michael Edwards Komlo, you might check for Stacie Ann Grimm, Brooke A Komlo, Edward C Komlo & Jennifer J Komlo. He did a lot bad and nothing good. He will have the legacy of this, stealing and running away.

  13. Edward says:

    A new scam for the Mike Komlo type conman is happening in South Florida with Spring Break rentals. These crooks get huge deposits on spring break rentals. Either they don’t own the property which they take the deposit for or the apartments are horrible. These con artists seem to flock to south Florida. Wellington is getting it’s fair share now.

  14. Jenny E. says:

    Edward & Mike Komlo should be found guilty and sentenced to federal prison for the damage they have down from Ohio to Florida. Komlo is the Ed “Fast Eddie” Mezvinsky of Florida now. Yes They are garbage!

  15. Pat-143 says:

    Send Mike Komlo to ISIS and let them figure out his punishment. These con men get away with far too much in Florida and Ohio.

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