Mike Komlo Florida Company’s Rating At Better Business Bureau an “F” for Fraud?

We want to thank those who sent us information on Mike Komlo, the owner of West Palm Beach Auto Group LLC. Many people believe it is a shame that people are scammed by Michael Komlo so he can live a lavish lifestyle. The Lies, cheating, stealing and scams perpetrated on Veterans and American citizens, and this con man is still on the streets.

We did more research on Komlo (aka Michael E. Komlo) and we uncovered this:
On a scale of A+ to F you can see that Mike E. Komlo got the F.

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years
Complaint Type
Advertising / Sales Issues 1
Billing / Collection Issues 1
Problems with Product / Service 3
Delivery Issues 0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 0
Total Closed Complaints 5
See more at http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/auto-dealers-new-cars/west-palm-auto-group-in-west-palm-beach-fl-90045608#sthash.mUBT6I6g.dpuf

Money scams have been more and more frequent in the past few years against law enforcement, Active Duty Military and Veterans. It is sad to say that the culture currently breeds contempt for Veterans and Police Officers.

We found information from Palm Beach County Florida as well.
Consumer Affairs Division record on the Komlo owned Company.

Date Closed                Primary Dispute
3/23/2015                  Alleged faulty goods
2/10/2015                  Alleged violation of other Florida Law or regulations
1/14/2014                   Alleged faulty goods
See more at http://www.pbcgov.com/pubsafety/consumer/asps/BusinessInformationReport.asp?hrfBusSeq=802357&hrfBusName=West%20Palm%20Auto%20Group,%20LLC.&hrfProductSeq=0

Michael Komlo is associated with 9 companies in Wellington FL and West Palm Beach FL.
A few are listed below:
WPAG Financial Services, llc.
West Palm Auto Group
West Palm Auto Group, LLC.
See more at http://www.bizapedia.com/people/MICHAEL-KOMLO.html

We will attempt to stay current with new Komlo details as they emerge, so we can alert the public. We do not want to see our Veterans ripped off by these con men, embezzlers, and scam artists.

It might be easy to say but we hope Victims can mark their involvement with a scammer as a mistake and keep a sharp eye out for the next one.

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15 Responses to Mike Komlo Florida Company’s Rating At Better Business Bureau an “F” for Fraud?

  1. hardy says:

    Maybe his name should be CON Lo.

  2. Maddy says:

    Right on, Komlo = CONlo. He may be coaching kids in Wellington, Florida. I would NOT let him around my Children. Mike Komlo has no morals.

  3. Mr. Trenel says:

    This Mike Komlo is a real piece of S%#T! He ripped off my daughter by selling her a car worth $2000. Komlo sold it for $15,000 to my young daughter. It was a piece of garbage and the engine was blown after a few weeks. He had some scam warranty and was forced to give her a new car. That car made it a few months and nearly got her killed with bad brakes and suspension. He would not reimburse her for the wreck. I begged my daughter to get an attorney to sue Komlo and west palm auto group. She could never get an attorney that she could afford. Michael Komlo should be in jail for all he has done to people in Florida.

  4. Marisol says:

    Some Brooke Komlo took my car payment money, said she was related to Michael Komlo. Could be more of the family involved in these fraudulent transactions. Maybe the Komlos think they are the Madoff Family. Why do these criminals come to Florida.

  5. McAllister says:

    That Komlo Family is full of con men and con women. Michael, Edward, Jennifer, Mike, the whole bunch are crooks. Sold me a piece if garbage with high interest and won’t give me the title.

  6. Stop This Scumbag Michael in Wellington says:

    Do the Komlos go from being Horse Thieves in Ohio to stealing cars in Florida? What did they use to do to Horse thieves? This Mike Komlo might be the ringleader and is truly a piece of garbage!

  7. Trenel's Son says:

    Some Auto Finance News was quoting Mike Komlo on subprime loans. I would not listen to this Mike Komlo, he is full of it. Yes I checked his “F” rating on the Better Business Bureau and the judgments against him and his Company. I can believe Komlo the crook took thousands of dollars from a US Veteran also. You can google him and see all this information.

  8. Jamie F. says:

    Mike Komlo is vicious and devious. He has no problem stealing from anyone and gives a new meaning to the “crooked used car salesmen”.

  9. Shaqua says:

    Brooke in Boynton Beach now is probably fronting for Mike Komlo in Wellington, FL. They are Dirty scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Real Truth says:

    Lie, cheat and steal is the Mike Komlo code.

  11. Stop Florida Con Men says:

    Check to see if Mike Komlo is connected to Thomas Guerriero. The former soccer boss Thomas Guerriero coordinated a $6.6 million telemarketing and investment fraud based in South Florida. Yes the con men love South Florida.
    The sun-sentinel.com says Guerriero blew the stolen money on his mistress, fancy homes and exotic cars, and threatened violence against anyone who crossed him. Sounds like the Komlos? Federal prosecutors said Guerriero did the previous mentioned crimes.
    The former director of the British-based Oxford City Football Club was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in federal prison — more than the 10 years the prosecution and defense recommended. Should Ed and Mike Komlo be in there too? Their paths must have crossed as Guerriero ran his fraud from a Deerfield Beach office and lived in homes in Boca Raton and on the exclusive Hillsboro Mile in Hillsboro Beach, while Michael Komlo was still running with a 954 Broward number and living in an extravagant home in Wellington Florida.

    Mike Komlo and Guerriero destroyed people’s lives. The victims of these con men lost their life’s savings in the fraud in South Florida. Lies, deceit, threats of violence, obstruction of justice and witness tampering is on the list of con men.

  12. Tina C. says:

    Far too many People have come forward, in Florida, who have lost their life savings and are in debt. They were taken for a ride to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time from Guerriero and Michael Komlo. These guys should rot in jail!!

  13. Arrigo Florida says:

    Komlo is the typical Con man, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors and then folding his business.

  14. Veterans are Targeted in Many Deceptive Scams.

    Our veterans are some of the toughest people on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to scammers. There are even some that specifically target veterans, and they’re not always easy to see.

    If you are a veteran or you know a vet, urge them to be aware of these common rip-off tactics, check the site. There are many Mike Komlo conmen in the country from West Palm Beach Florida to Ohio and beyond.

  15. Linda_PJ says:

    He does dodge paying his bills and runs more scams. #LockEmUp

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