NRA Ad On Killary Clinton’s America – Don’t Let Hillary Leave You Unprotected

Kristi’s Story

The NRA has been putting out some tremendous Ads and Videos as of late. They are doing the work that our Government should be doing which is protecting The People’s Rights. Instead the majority of Government officials and Voters despise the Legal Americans having the freedom of religion, freedom of speech and our Right to bear Arms.

Well the NRA is spending $6.5 million on an ad which features a 26-year-old lawyer named Kristi McMains. She says the pistol in her purse saved her life when a Thug attacked her in a parking garage.

Kristi McMains, looks directly into the camera and describes being attacked with an eight-inch knife before she is able to defend herself.

“Every woman has a right to own a gun if she chooses. Hillary Clinton disagrees with that,” McMains says!

The Marxist Community Organizer and now #Killary do support bringing in a rape Culture. They are actively bringing in a majority of Refugees who have a Cult telling them that they can legally Beat and Rape women, little girls and little boys.

Also if you research the Central and South America areas you will see some Countries have Courts set-up specifically for Women who are violently abused. Check “El Salvador Creates Court For Violent Crimes Against Women Amid Surge In Violence”. Would Barry Soetoro or Hillary Rotten Clinton keep bringing these #IllegalAliens in if these people were living in the same house with these Vile Marxists, aka Democrats?

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