On the 15 Year Anniversary of 9/11 and We Have the Most Anti-American President Ever

It has been 15 years since the vicious 9/11 attack and we have a Marxist President who will not even mention Radical Islam. However he embraces them, he funds these vile Muslim Terrorists from Iran to Saudi Arabia and beyond. Democrat voters have blood on their hands!

Yes this President Soetoro (did he change his name back to Obama?) is a sick little man who verbally abuses his supporters. He is always on some sort of apology tour and then slams you Americans, calling you Lazy? Yet Little barry never speaks ill of the Islamo Nazis, but you Legal Americans, especially you White Folks, are always being abused by this Community Organizer.

So 15 years goes by and WE should be much more aware of these animals (Islamo Nazis) who want us dead. Those Neanderthals will strap bombs to their small children as long as they can blow up a few Jews and Christians. The atheists might think they will get a pass from these scumbags but they are Infidels just like a Christian, Jewish person or Catholic so the Islamo-Nazis say “Off with their Heads”!

So in regards to 9/11/2001, We Will Never Forget! In regards to ignorant Voters electing B. Hussein Obama twice, We Will Never Forget!

Yes, the Democrat voters have Blood on their hands!


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