President Trump is considering Clemency for Wrongly Convicted Soldier Clint Lorance

To Our Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and Fellow Americans,

This injustice has been going on since 2014 when we had B. Hussein Obama the Worst President Ever. We have read many Military Experts and Veterans who believe Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance is innocent.

Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance is currently serving a 19-year sentence in Leavenworth for a shooting in Afghanistan that left two civilians dead. 

This story started when Lt. Lorance was leading his platoon on a patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Kandahar has been one of the most dangerous regions in Afghanistan for our troops. The platoon was walking down the street and all of a sudden, three motorcyclists began barreling towards them.

Lt. Lorance ordered his men to open fire, ultimately killing two of the motorcyclists. The third man fled on foot. After searching the bodies, no weapons of any kind were found. That led to a court-martial and 1st Lt. Lorance was ultimately sentenced to prison for killing “unarmed” men.
Nonetheless we have reports of new evidence which was introduced that proves the motorcyclists did have terrorist ties, calling into question whether there actually was a plot to harm these soldiers…

As retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West has said, “Any time two or more individuals are on a motorcycle approaching your convoy or position you can bet — if unarmed — they are scouts. And if they are scouts for a main attack, they are just as dangerous a threat”.

What is even worse is it seems that the government knew this all along and deliberately withheld this evidence during Lorance’s trial. Now that we have a President Trump who ran on his position of caring for our Military not despising it as the last POTUS did.

President Donald J. Trump, Lt. Lorance’s Family and Congressman Duncan Hunter are making a push for clemency at this point in time.

During Lorance’s court-martial, a lot was made of the fact that no weapons were discovered on the bodies of the Afghans that were killed. Would you believe Islamo-Nazis would not have weapons with the third motorcyclist? Would we rather let terrorists come at our Military and have our Troops wait until a bomb is thrown on them? C’mon we have to live in the Real World, these Terrorists want to kill all infidels.

But what about the third motorcyclist who fled on foot? Given the evidence we have now – that the motorcyclists had ties to known terrorists – how could anyone possibly say that these three men were completely innocent? How do we know that the third perpetrator wasn’t the one carrying a gun or bomb?

But there is one thing that is certain. First Lieutenant Clint Lorance shouldn’t have to spend 18 more years in prison because he tried to protect his men from a legitimate threat. He shouldn’t be behind bars for simply doing his job while the enemy is trying to kill our Troops.

Lorance was only in control of this platoon for three days before the shooting. He took over because the platoon’s previous officer was injured. When he took that leadership position, he made a promise to his men that he would do everything in his power to get them home safe. So when he saw these motorcyclists barreling down on the platoon, he made the split second decision to engage them.

Lieutenant Lorance’s lawyer stated that the new biometric evidence proves that the three motorcyclists were in fact tied to known terrorist organizations. Our Troops should be applauded for killing the Enemy. Yet we had eight years of a Politically Correct President who only had experience as a Community Organizer, aka agitator. When our Country needed a true Leader most, the Voters gave us eight years of Black Liberation Theology, aka Marxism.

The fact that the government was complicit in deliberately withholding vital evidence, then this injustice must be corrected now!

Also one of the more disgusting aspects of this case is that Lieutenant Lorance is being held in the same prison as TRAITOR Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer.

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