Santa Barbara, ACLU and Support Our Troops

Santa Barbara, California

The first picture and second picture are taken at the beach in Santa Barbara right next to the pier. There is a veterans group that started putting a cross and candle for every death in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The amazing thing is that they only do it on the weekends. They put up this graveyard and take it down every weekend. Guys sleep in the sand next to it and keep watch over it at night so nobody (lowlife Liberals who hate America) messes with it.

Every cross has the name, rank and D.O.B. and D.O.D. on it. Very moving, very powerful??? So many young volunteers in our great Military. So many 30 to 40 year old Heroes as well who have given their lives for our Freedom.


Amazing !

There was the story accompanying this for some time regarding the vile ACLU. As much as we realize how despicable the ACLU can be, we don’t want to pass along information which is not 100% true. However it was not hard to find another case whereas the ACLU represents People (savages) who attack our Troops.

Court Rules Against ACLU, Protestors in Military Funeral Lawsuit

The ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law on behalf of protesters who disrupted military funerals by picketing and conducting other protest activities.

The court order, issued by federal Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr., essentially adopts Judicial Watch’s argument that Missouri’s “funeral protection law” is well-grounded in Eighth Circuit judicial precedent and is consistent with the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, Judge Gaitan specifically cites Judicial Watch’s amicus brief concerning the right of family members and friends of those killed in battle to mourn their loss. The judge writes: “…amicus Judicial Watch notes that Missouri also has an interest in protecting funeral attendees’ First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion.” Judge Gaitan ruled that the ACLU’s client failed to demonstrate a “likelihood of success on the merits” of her arguments. Her request for a preliminary injunction was, therefore, denied.


“We’re pleased the court seems to recognize the right of funeral attendees to mourn those who died defending our country without being disrupted by protesters,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Unlike the ACLU, most Americans believe that mourners should be able to engage in quiet and reflective prayer at funerals. As the court noted, ‘…picketing soldiers’ funerals and belittling the sacrifices made by soldiers are intolerable actions…’”

Missouri lawmakers were spurred into action after protesters began picketing outside the August 2005 military funeral of Army Spec. Edward L. Myers in St. Joseph, Missouri. The law reads: “It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in picketing or other protest activities in front of or about any church, cemetery, or funeral establishment … within one hour prior to the commencement of any funeral, and until one hour following cessation of any funeral…” The Missouri “funeral protection law,” therefore, does not ban picketing altogether, and does not make any reference to the content of the speech it seeks to regulate. As Judicial Watch argues in its brief, this is a “narrowly tailored law” that merely regulates the time and place of protests.” Judicial Watch.

Our Troops deserve support and respect yet there are many unruly Anti-Americans to attack them. Even our Marxist Regime Leader has often attacked the Military. Barry soetoro even went as far as to call Seal Team Six, an assassination group for Dick Cheney. Barry quickly changed his tune as he takes credit for the work of the Seal Team Six eliminating the Radical terrorist, Obama bin laden.

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