STOCKHOLM SYNDROME – Rape is Rampant in Sweden

This Video is by the very brave Ami Horowitz. He exposes the truth which is what the lowlifes in the Media should be doing.

Rape and violence has exploded across Sweden due it’s immigration policies. You can watch and see what Sweden has done to itself. The American Democrats want this to grow in America as we already have see many more cases of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

The people must realize that Muslim gang-rapes all across Europe are under-reported with the Vile Mainstream media. Sweden is now Ground Zero for Rapes. This is a growing trend of gang-rapes perpetrated especially against white women by Muslim rapists. However in America we know that far too many in the Country blame White Men for any problem. Well we are seeing that White Women are becoming the Victim of far too many rapes. Sadly too many White Women in America supported b. hussein obama as he pulled in as many Refugees as possible with many being Rapefugees.

Several Swedish residents whom Ami Horowitz interviewed told him that they believe that Sweden has a responsibility to adapt to their more traditional culture, rather than the other way around. Do you see the brainwashing here? This is the same argument B. Hussein Obama shoved down throats of Americans for eight years. Soetoro Obama wanted us to all give up our so-called privileges due to the past with Slavery. He never mentioned how his dad’s Muslim family were the people selling slaves or that the Democrat Party is the Party of the KKK.

Back to the Video you see after awhile, Mr. Horowitz and his crew were threatened by residents and told to leave. He remained, with only audio equipment, and he was then assaulted.

You will see how the immigrants are flowing to Sweden, in part, because the government benefits they receive there are all-encompassing. These Muslim immigrants receive housing, food, and education.

Towards the end of this video, Mr. Horowitz speaks with Swedish citizens on the street, asking them if they think the uptick in rape and violence is in any way related to the influx of Muslim refugees. They people are sheep and go as far say the idea offensive. Of course the typical self-loathing liberals say that there is no relationship between the two and that to say otherwise would be Racist. There it is if you stand up for Legal Law abiding Citizens then You are a Racist! These are sick people to allow this as what happens when it is their daughter, mom, wife or themselves.

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